Spider-Gwen: Into The Vore-Verse - Issue #1

Nyte Comics
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First issue of my new ongoing series!

"Spider-Gwen is on her way home, back through the portal the collider in Miles' universe opened. Or so she thought.

The web-slinger ends up on a strange world, in a universe not of her own, and faces both a familiar and unfamiliar foe. Waiting for her on the other side of the portal is a symbiote-infused Dark Samus, whose hunger for power requires actual powerful prey. This She-Venom will be Spider-Gwen's toughest fight, and her last...while the bigger story is just beginning."

Art and Story by Nyte

Colors by Brittany

*11 pages including cover; unwilling vore, non-graphic implied digestion. All characters depicted are 18+

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Spider-Gwen: Into The Vore-Verse - Issue #1

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