Claire Dearing's Fallen Kingdom - Audio Vore Comic

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Hope you've got room for more of Claire Dearing, because she'll be gracing your screens once in audible fashion! Did you wish to hear the panic in her voice? Wonder how her final moments sounded after the lava began to fall? Well, now you can hear the metaphorical crown hit the floor when the queen of Jurassic World meets her grisly end, complete with breathtaking edits that bring the visuals to a whole new level.

Script by Nyte
Art by Torn
Voiced by @MimiHung_VO
Sound and Video Editing by @MonsterChow_

*Runtime: 6:52 mins; unwilling soft vore, slight blood, graphic incineration. All characters depicted are 18+ā€‹

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Last updated Aug 11, 2023

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Claire Dearing's Fallen Kingdom - Audio Vore Comic

0 ratings
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