Ada Wong: Alternate Ways

6 ratings

What's better than simply watching Ada Wong get mercilessly devoured by the monstrous Martinico? Why, hearing it, of course! And now that the Ada Wong: Alternate Ways AVC has arrived, you can listen to every delicious heart-pounding second of her failed escape, beautifully enhanced with special visual effects...

Includes the PDF of the comic as well!

"Ada Wong is so close in her mission to get the Amber, help Leon and Ashley out of a bunch of trouble, and get the hell off this crazy island. But a large obstacle stands in her way...a menace produced by scientists experimenting with Las Plagas, dubbed Martinico. Ada knows that she can't fight her way against this monstrosity, she has to escape it. We're about to find out what happens if she doesn't."

Story & Inks by Nyte
Colors by Tawny
AVC Voiced by @AkujiSaitoVA
AVC Sound and Video Editing by @MonsterChow_

*5 pages including cover / AVC Runtime: 2:46; unwilling soft vore, implied digestion. All characters depicted are 18+

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Ada Wong: Alternate Ways

6 ratings
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