Portal: The Snake is a Lie

Nyte Comics
5 ratings

If there's ever a classic way for a vore story to take place, it's "science experiment gone wrong." It provides so many different outlets for the imagination because anything could go wrong in the realm of science fiction. When it comes to Portal, having an evil, sentient AI that wants revenge on a particular human...well that opens all sorts of doors--er, portals.

"Chell has endured a myriad of unconventional tests at Aperture Laboratories, even defying death on a number of not-so-rare occasions, and this next test chamber will be no different. However, GLaDOS—the superintelligent AI system that oversees the facility—has cooked up something special for Chell this time, and it's certainly not cake.

How far is Chell willing to go in the name of science?"

Script by Nyte
Art by Os

*8 pages including cover; semi willing-to-unwilling soft vore, implied digestion. All characters depicted are 18+

5 ratings
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  • Length
    17 pages
  • Size11.4 MB
  • Length17 pages


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Portal: The Snake is a Lie

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