Yoko Littner: Vorren Lagann

Nyte Comics
2 ratings

Gurren Lagann stars one of the hottest, most badass gals, Yoko Littner. What it doesn't star is many opportunities for vore. I really had to get the creative wheels spinning to find something plausible in-universe that would work. I'm happy to say I'm quite pleased with what I did come up with. Those unfamiliar will still be able to enjoy the story, but for fans (and for Adiane) this will be a treat. Believe in the me that believe in you!

"With her consciousness trapped in the Anti-Spiral's Multiverse Labyrinth, Yoko Littner is forced to face possibilities beyond her wildest dreams—or rather, her most terrible nightmares. In the blink of an eye, she finds herself transported to the Dai-Gunzan...and face to face with an Adiane of immense scale."

Script by Nyte
Art by Torn

*8 pages including cover; unwilling soft and hard vore, implied digestion. All characters depicted are 18+

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    17 pages
  • Size17.5 MB
  • Length17 pages


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Yoko Littner: Vorren Lagann

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