Avatar - Book One: Asami

Nyte Comics
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The Avatar universe is one that I have yet to truly dive into in our comics - and I'd like to remedy that, because it's one of my favorite series of all time and it also features some pretty cool creatures. So, to begin we're starting with the lusty Asami Sato. When it comes to non-benders, you should never underestimate them. She and Sokka have proven themselves to be some of the most resourceful people in the series.

But when you're being attacked by a hungry beast, bending really does come in handy.

"In dire need of a vacation from the busy lives they lead, Asami and Korra make plans to meet at Kyoshi Island. With Korra running a little late, Asami decides to take a dip of the skinny variety, hoping the sight of her will quell any annoyance from Korra when she finds her girlfriend has kicked the vacation off without her. However, if Korra doesn't arrive soon, she might miss the sight altogether, because there's more than Elephant Koi lurking in these waters."

Script by Nyte
Art by Torn

*8 pages including cover; unwilling soft vore, implied digestion. All characters depicted are 18+

2 ratings
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Avatar - Book One: Asami

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