Camp Voracious: Yaz

Nyte Comics
5 ratings

For anyone unfamiliar with the Jurassic World spin-off show Camp Cretaceous, protagonist Yaz is no stranger to vore. She may not have the same relationship to it that you or I do, but it's on her mind nonetheless. She thinks about it...dreams about it. She even draws images of being eaten in her sketchbook. Being stuck on an island trying to survive becoming a meal has made her obsessed with the idea. Can she even determine what's real and what isn't anymore?

"Yaz's brain is restless with nightmares of becoming dino dinner. Torn limb from limb, bones crushed up between those gnashing teeth, her pieces digested into a gory soup. But they're just dreams, right? Well, too bad some dreams do come true—only the reality she faces upon waking is much, much worse, and she's not the Scorpius Rex's first snack."

Script by Nyte
Art by Chirpy

*8 pages including cover; unwilling soft vore, graphic digestion. All characters depicted are 18+

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    17 pages
  • Size14.2 MB
  • Length17 pages


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Camp Voracious: Yaz

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