FernGully: Crysta's Promise

Nyte Comics
3 ratings

You all loved the first FernGully comic we did so much that I just had to go back! Especially because it was made clear that as much as you loved Crysta's demise to Hexxus, a certain hungry, singing goanna didn't get a meal, and he deserves one. After the song he sings in the movie where Crysta saves Zack from his stomach, Lou says she owes him a meal. With Crysta gone, there's no one to stop him from munching on one of the fairies. And hey, we got the chance to make up an OC for this one!

"Although Crysta's heroic sacrifice may have saved FernGully from wrath of the Hexxus, the Spirit of Pollution and Destruction, other dangers still linger in forest. And when Gemma loses her wits in a bout of grief and snags her wing on a branch, her crash-landing puts her directly in the path of one such danger: Lou—a hungry Goanna to whom Crysta once promised a meal. But with Crysta gone, Lou decides to take the fulfillment of the promise into his own hands...or rather, his jaws."

Script by Nyte
Art by Joaquin

8 pages including cover; unwilling soft vore, graphic digestion. All characters depicted are 18+

3 ratings
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  • Length17 pages


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FernGully: Crysta's Promise

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